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Read Bible online was started with the sole purpose of being able to access Bible on the web. Yes, there are few other site which allow you to access the bible on the web, but there are a huge amount of site that have adult content too.

We hope to be of value to you.

Please let me know what you think about the site, anything that you think might add more value.

May God Bless You..

15 Responses to “Comments”

  1. WaltDe Says:

    Keep up the great work on your blog. Best wishes WaltDe

  2. Elizabeth desouza Says:

    Thank you!
    just came across this web site i shall definitely access it often what translation is being used but it sounds good
    not modern and “feedbox” translation.
    God bless you abundantly.

  3. RICHARD Says:

    A very useful help for those who hardly have time to complete a more-then one hour meditation in the house, but have to get to office before a certain time. God bless you.

  4. Joshua Duncan Says:

    1st Peter, 2nd Chap., 2nd and 3rd verses

    as a new born baby, desire the sincere milk of the word. If so be ye have tested that the Lord is good.

  5. Carolyn Chapman Says:

    This website is truly a God send for people like me with poor eye sight. I thank you and I thank God for this site.
    Also, I hope someone will visit this site, read a few words and begin to see and feel something is missing in their lives if they haven’t given their lives to Christ. It took me so many years but thank my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and because of prayers from family and friends I finally found what was missing in my life. One day with Jesus is better than a thousand without Him.
    God bless all who read this.

  6. abraham Says:

    Thanks for the site. There are few countries where reading Bible is prohibited. But can God’s word be kept hidden??

  7. jeff torpen Says:

    for when we are doing good, we are doing bad

  8. jethad Says:

    Thank you, I read the Bible at night in bed. Now that I have a phone with web, I can do this without a light. my husband wakes up for work undisturbed from my reading & I get to read as much of the Bible as I want. Keep spreading the Word!

  9. Jenna Says:

    This is the easiest way to read the bible

  10. duncan community church of Says:

    Awesome post! I don’t know why Google doesn’t make it easier to find this kind of stuff…. Keep it coming though!

  11. A williams Says:

    Thankful, I feel word of god is with me always in my work

  12. Joseph Says:

    This is a wonderful site to read God’s Word for those who are busy….
    Great work! God bless you.

    Just a suggestion:
    Can u add NIV version also apart from KJV n others…

    Thanks again
    God Bless:-)

  13. John Peter Says:

    Yes the Lord will certainly reserve a high place in his Kingdom, for all the people who work in his fields.

    • Shirley Sadler Says:

      Thank you so much for having the Bible on the web for people to have easy excess to read it daily. God Bless

      • Shirley Sadler Says:

        We will all be equal in Heaven. no place in His word does one find we will reserved or higher places. Never add to nor take away from God’s word.

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