Mark 3:27

But no one can enter into the house of the strong [man], and spoil his goods, except he first bind the strong [man]; and then he will spoil his house.

7 Responses to “Mark 3:27”

  1. Venola Brooks Says:

    To get what you want you haveto overcome the obstacle in your way

  2. liliana Says:

    That true

  3. liliana Says:

    That truegod bless everybody

  4. liliana Says:

    Love this bible

  5. Christian Says:

    Success comes only when we overcome challenges

  6. Stephen Says:

    We don’t overcome, God overcomes, our strength comes from him. Everything we our comes from him.

  7. Aswathy N Says:

    i am also facing some challenges please pray for me guys to overcome from it.

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