PSALM 46:10

Be still, and know that I am God.

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  1. shaqanda brown Says:

    I’m trying to learn the bible more and get my life together

  2. arrion Says:

    i love the bible and god.

  3. larky Says:

    God bless you for the good work you are doing of spreading the good news.

    • lisa Says:

      This verse is so simple, yet so difficult to really obey. I believe it will be more powerful each time I read it. Patience is a virtue that I need desperately in my life. I’m lost and want to believe again.

  4. Sphamandla Makhaye Says:

    HE is a fire full God indeed. Amen

  5. agnes k Says:

    I am so touched with this verse , it will helps me whenever I face challeges and trial I just stand still and know that my God is there for me.

  6. Deb B Says:

    I have to say this is easier said than done. I am a sinner and I struggle with worrying about how I will pay the bills, feed my child and I know I need to just turn it over to God and know that he will provide, but it is very hard to be patient and wait. I pray I will continue to grow stronger in my ability to wait patiently.

  7. Sherry K Says:

    In a world full of motion it is in the stillness that we can feel, see, and hear our God. Take the time to be still and spend it with the Lord. What could be more wonderful.

  8. Solange Says:

    God is everything to me. He keeps strong all the time. I love God with all my heart

  9. thabile Says:

    To know God whu iz he its makes u more strong and not to be afraid in everything you do cause u know he is there with you.

  10. Thandeka Mthethwa Says:

    True that. God is always God. he don’t change even if we sin, he remains to love us. even if we lose faith but he remains to be faithful. i will never go back, i love Jesus.

  11. alex philip Says:

    Thats absolutely true… When we are in the midst of suffering or any doubts on what to do.. Nothing to worry.. God Almighty will show or open the way before you.and we will know his grace to all of us eventhough we are a sinner. Praising you my Loving lord always….

  12. Annie Says:

    Being still is what i hardly do but from now on,i will so God can move n calm every storm.tnx for this post.

  13. james hayes Says:

    I’m trying to turn my life around to god but it seem hard to do so when Im around drug dealers and evil but I know if I leave it up and god hands I can be a better person and do better I know I sin out my life Im just asking god for is forgivesness

  14. Mike Says:

    James – Often times it is hard to walk out what God requires when we are around or inundated with people who do not hold the same values. Ask God to send you a support system of people who love Him and desire to seek Him and please Him in their everday lives. While you are in the midst of them, just stay prayful and watch and see His salvation as “HE is truly God!”…

  15. Alex roy Says:

    i try to learn

  16. Jessica OConnell Says:

    I really love the bible I think it’s really good the old part and the new part I really like to see God for really life.

  17. Benita Says:

    I know that if im a christian i have to act like one even though im still a child,
    and this verse will help do just that because if i dont worry about all the things of the world,
    be still and and cast all my worries on God then i know he will take good care of me .Thanks so much God.

  18. yitpak goma Says:

    the bible tell us that we are all sinner and fault short to his glory, jesus said that he did not come for the righteous one but he came to save the sinner from their sin. I love the SON of GOD Jesue renned forever he will never change if someone like me will praise God what about you.

  19. cecile Says:

    According to word you know my problems, I’m still, and know that you’re my God. Amen

  20. Priscilla Kenon Says:

    God is turning our lives around, we should keep the faith and know that he will succeed.

  21. Milika lee Says:

    God clearly spoke to me on this verse few months ago. It really came alive and it was a revelation to me…. I studied it over and over again I think for 2weeks it was so exciting. This is what He told me….. I’m so concerned and worried about things that was going on in my life…. Be still or keep still stop worrying and know that I’m GOD…. I am the Potter and you are the clay…. When you are still then you’ll know that I’m GOD. After 2weeks of studying and meditating on this verse I received a message from a Prophet saying that my message for 2013 is Be Still And Know that I AM GOD. AWESOME!

  22. Rizatortosa Says:

    I love jesus all of my life
    I know someday my dream come’s True.
    and the bible is the way to a good person.

  23. Samuel Says:

    Please read Isaiah 30:18

    18And therefore will Jehovah wait, that he may be gracious unto you; and therefore will he be exalted, that he may have mercy upon you: for Jehovah is a God of justice; blessed are all they that wait for him.

  24. Pinky Kubheka Says:

    my faith is uplifted.Thanks

  25. Samuel Jagdhane Says:

    Please read Pslams 121 & 91. Our God is our saviour. Praise God that HE cares for us daily.

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