Luke 6:35

But love your enemies, and do good, and lend, expecting nothing in return, and your reward will be great, and you will be sons of the Most High, for he is kind to the ungrateful and the evil.

13 Responses to “Luke 6:35”

  1. christy scott Says:

    I just want to thank god for everything he has been to good to me. I love u lord.

  2. Freda Nyarko Says:

    May God continue 2 strengthen me to do good unto others.

  3. lois Says:

    God is good even thru trials.

  4. chris skaggs Says:

    May I (we) glorify the Lord in all I (we) do..

  5. aylar Says:

    Enemies… I do nothing to them. I say ‘hi’ and in return they attack me. I do kindness to them, respect them in return, and they attack more. What God told us to do in this situations? To love more and more? I tried it, they become rude. Very rude. I could not tolerate and cried. Felt sad. What should I do then? Please help me.

  6. Innocent emmanuel Says:

    May the Lord God bless who ever that shares with his brothers.

  7. pastor gabriela Says:

    God will always give us good stuff haleluya

  8. beth de leon Says:

    The Lord has always been good to all of us, even if I did something wrong, he never walked oout and left me… He always touched me in every different ways… So much thankful for Him. I loveyou, Lord!

  9. osas Says:

    I just want to ask question. thr is a vares that say love your enemies and do good to them,bt why some pastor will say pray that the enemies should die.i want some one to read, luke 6-35

  10. Virginia Says:

    We glorify his holy name!

  11. dave Says:

    What excellent words

  12. Bul soho Says:

    God I want to do something to glory your name, please lead me on your path.

  13. elli del valle Says:

    I am very bless! I have an AMAZING God!. Forgiving and loving my enemies is VERY hard.. but i know i can do it. For Him..

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